About Heather

I am a visual artist, drawn to the immediacy of photography, eye candy of design, and tactile nature of clay, paint, and woodworking.  I become giddy over architectural salvage, cracked peeling paint, old colored glass and all things textural.  I am a purveyor of the old and unwanted — the keeper of memories.


About Me and My Process

I am an on-location, natural light photographer in the Winter Park/Orlando area.  I capture the real, actual, beautiful you. While I make every effort to ensure your session goes smoothly, I do not force little ones to “be still and smile”.  I will not ask you to say cheese.  I do enjoy a good family photo for the wall where everyone is smiling, but my usual approach is much more candid and casual.  Please consider whether my style matches your expectations when booking a shoot.

My artistic process after your photo session is to cull and individually hand-edit all of your images in my digital darkroom. This represents the bulk of my time spent on your images–the photo session itself is really just the very beginning.  I carefully choose the loveliest images from your session.  I do not simply provide a gallery of unedited “proofs” for you to select from; I spend hours carefully editing each image in your gallery.  No guesswork about how I will edit the images you choose–what you see is the result of my complete artistic process.



I am an art-minded photographer who creates meaningful images.

I capture

the real —

actual —

beautiful you.


capture life. create art.