Your session fee includes our time together capturing your images, hand-editing of all your images, and beautiful high-resolution images delivered to you.   The total number of images included with your session varies by session type; see below for full details.

My artistic process after your photo session is to cull and individually hand-edit all of your images in my digital darkroom. This represents the bulk of my time spent on your images–the photo session itself is really just the very beginning.  I carefully choose the loveliest images from your session.  I do not simply provide a gallery of unedited “proofs” for you to select from; I spend hours carefully editing each image in your gallery.  No guesswork about how I will edit the images you choose–what you see is the result of my complete artistic process.

Payment for your session is due at time of session.  This includes session fee in full and/or package fees in full.  Any additional images, prints or editing services after your session must be paid before delivery of add-ons.

A minimum deposit of $75 is required to reserve your session appointment time, with the balance due in full at time of session.   Deposits are non-refundable.  You may pay your deposit securely online using the button below if you wish – Heather will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the date and time of your session.  A fee of $2.55 applies to online payments.

For more information about how to prepare for your session, click here.


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Our most popular session type–focused on capturing the beautiful, real you.   When a portrait session includes multiple people, special effort is made to capture the unique relationships between individuals.

•  you select 5 high-resolution digital images  [or $300.00/25 images]
•  up to 5 people [$25 per person above 5]
•  print release provided
• 45-60 minutes



A longer session, usually taking place in your home, during which special attention is paid to capturing the natural rhythms of your life, in your environment.  May include both indoor and outdoor shots.

• you select 8 high-resolution digital images [or $400.00/25 images]
• print release provided
• 1 1/2- 2 hours



Newborn shoots take place in your family home.  Babies set the pace for the session–I will continue to take photos between feedings and diaper changes and take advantage of sweet, yummy shots while your baby is sleeping.  Documenting you and loved ones in and around your home is a beautiful way to tell your unique story.

• you select 15 high-resolution digital images [or $450.00/30 images]
• assistant on set
• print release provided
• 2-3 hours



Capturing high school seniors and other graduates with a photo session is a special way to document this rite of passage.  This type of session includes 2 outfit changes and the option to capture cherished objects or places.

• you select 8 high-resolution digital images [or 350.00/25 images]
• 2 outfit changes
• print release provided
• 1 1/2 hours



The focus of a headshot session is to shoot images that meet the specific needs of a model, dancer, performer or artist in the industry.  Headshot sessions are also appropriate for corporate needs, authors, and other professionals.  Need headshots for a group of people?  Contact us for a custom quote.  Please note: dancers/performers wanting to capture action shots should schedule a separate dancer session.

• you select 5 high-resolution digital images
• 2 outfit changes
• print release provided
• 45 minutes



Sessions with dancers include capturing unique artistic images for your personal dance portfolio, and can include images required for certain auditions.  During dancer sessions, a producer is on set to help with body placement, hair adjustments, wardrobe, makeup touch-ups (with your own makeup), location issues and anything else required to help the photographer realize the vision for the shoot and to help the dancer look his/her best.

Due to the nature of dancer sessions, we typically will not have enough time to shoot headshots during the same session–please schedule a separate headshot session.

Starting at $250.00— please email for a custom quote
• you select 5 high-resolution digital images
• producer on set
• print release provided
• starting at 45 minutes



Have an audition coming up?  Let us help you capture beautiful images to present your best self at your next audition.  Most dance Summer Intensive programs, for example, will require you to bring a headshot and first position arabesque photo–at a minimum–to the audition.  Stand out from the crowd and skip the low-resolution cell phone images and unflattering studio lighting and let us create something beautiful for you.  Our audition packages are outdoor shoots combining a traditional audition photo approach with the beauty of natural light photography.

• one headshot
• two static poses: first position arabesque or other static pose, such as second position échappé
• one jump
• print release provided
• starting at 45 minutes



Certain photo shoots require the extra hands-on attention of an on-set producer.  A producer pre-arranges locations and styling as needed, provides makeup touch-ups (with your own makeup), adjusts wardrobe, and generally assists the photographer to realize the vision for the shoot and help clients look and feel their best.

This option is available as an add-on for any session.

Starting at $50.00



Complete makeup applications will be available as an option soon — (there is no additional fee for the on-set producer to ‘freshen you up’ if you bring your own make-up).